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European Marine Shoreline Reform

OceanLove Foundation urges France, Spain, Portugal, the UK and all European coastal shorelines to install generous marine corridors all along their shorelines as a place of refuge for native dolphins and migrating whales - and urges the navy, and coast guards to patrol these marine corridors to completely ban fishing within the vicinity of these corridors for marine refuge.


It is vital Europe takes this initiative and makes this EU marine reform a priority to restore the 'Cetacea Migration Pathways' as part of restoring our habitat and coastal shorelines. 


OceanLove Foundation urges world leaders to equally take this initiative.




WHO Property Reform 

Make it mandatory for all property owners to provide authentic certification proving the property has undergone multiple thorough spiritual cleaning by WHO approved spirit mediums.


LandLove Foundeation urges world leaders to equally take this initiative for their citizens as a human birthright.




Universal Health Coverage UHC Reform

It is our fervent priority to make that global citizens acquire Free access to clear spirit individually and within their habitat.


If there are no laws against individuals who get away with witchcraft, manipulation and bullying, and if there are no laws against people who bump individuals off through witchcraft or harming habitats through rituals then the World Health Organization, the United Nations Human Rights and the European Court for Human Rights must Reform the Universal Health Care to provide Free access to clear spirit as a human birthright - and as a birthright for all living beings to recover well-being in their life and their habitat.


LandLove Foundation urges world leaders to equally take this initiative for their citizens as a human birthright.




Baby Circumcision Reform
Make it mandatory for parents to allow their babies to make their own birthright choice at majority ‐ age 18 - We must put an end to distressed men and make the long overdue corrections to restore humanity.


LandLove Foundation urges world leaders to equally take this initiative for their citizens as a human birthright. 

Wastewater Treatment Plant WWTP & Water Distributors Reform

Wastewater treatment plants and water distributors must upgrade their centers and fully guarantee cleansing the water prior to distributing their services to their clients.


Consumers pay for a service that must be upgraded with these guarantees - This will restore the land, the oceans and the ocean residents.


OceanLove and LandLove Foundation urge world leaders to make these upgrades as part of their citizens birthright.



Farming Reform

Farmers and land exploitation cultivators must provide clean comfort land zones ranging between 15 to 50 meters for industrial farming around private properties to protect residents from crop spraying chemicals ‐ this includes rivers, streams, homes, gardens, and all rural residential habitats.


OceanLove and LandLove Foundation urge world leaders to protect rural inhabitants and their habitats as part of their citizens birthright.




European Wildlife Corridor

Provide EU landowners financial and fiscal ease to take part in creating LandLove Foundation EU wildlife corridor as a place of refuge.


Give ease to EU landowners who wish to purchase and/or put their land into a place of refuge for the land and wildlife to replenish - free from farming and free from hunting.


LandLove Foundation invites African nations and world nations to equally take part in this initiative.




Voting Birthright Reform

There are an estimated 1.2 million British-born citizens living in other EU countries, and an estimated 5.5 million living overseas. The UK electorate is making a terrible mistake by excluding the British-born citizens living in other EU countries and overseas.


Give all British citizens living in other EU countries and overseas for over 15 years equal lifetime rights to vote. All European countries and countries member of the European Union must provide the equal lifetime right to vote for all their citizens as a human birthright.


LandLove Foundation urges UN world leaders to make this Reform for their citizens as a human birthright.




Leave the Vaquita Porpoise in their Native Habitat

OceanLove Foundation urges the US and Mexican governments to cancel the US navy plan to use San Diego navy dolphins to coral and move the Vaquita Porpoise from their native habitat.


The Mexican and US governments must deploy their respective navy fleets and coast guards to provide full time navy and coast guard patrol protection for the Vaquita Porpoise to remain in their Native Mexican Habitat in the northern Gulf of California.

And to extend the current size of the Biosphere Reserve to protect the entire zone inhabited by the Vaquita Porpoise.