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Please use the contact link for our spiritual clearing Reservation Agenda.


. Includes spiritual clearings to restore cetacea life for rehabilitation 

. and for the navy wishing to clean-up retired dolphins


. Admissions for orphans, child soldiers, refugees, and the military wishing to restore their lives.

. Admissions for the big five game animals, the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and rhinoceros, giraffes and zebras, and restoring the environment where there has been conflict with native inhabitants, and poachers.


Our agenda includes on location 'Sutherland' holistic osteopathy practitioners training 

. Admissions for nurses, doctors and midwives.

. Admissions for native park rangers and vets.



Please use the contact form 


. To notify us of all GPS locations where cetacea strandings are known. 

. This enables us to restore the environment where cetacea strandings have been located.