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Natasha Morley 

‘OceanLove Group’ - Founder & COO


Natasha Morley founded OceanLove and LandLove organisations in 1999, and registered them in 2001 with the ‘Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs’ SEE in Malibu Ca. USA June 20th. Then in 2004, April 4th with the ‘Inaugural International Humanities Center’ in Malibu Ca. USA as 501(C)3 charities.


OceanLove and LandLove foundings are the legacy of her thesis dedicated to inter-species communications, and specifically to the dolphins and whales globally. In view of global cetacea stranding preventions, from distressed land meridians to world geomagnetic field frequency changes. LandLove Foundation is the completion of both this dissertation and lifetime dedication.


From the British Isles with the Hawaiian Isles being home at heart.


She has worked extensively in the film industry for twenty years from traditional animation pilot films, live motion, TV commercial, and documentary in Los Angeles, Paris, Auckland New‐Zealand, Hong‐Kong, and Hangzhou China.


To global world tours passing the Cap Horn to the Antarctica south Polar Circle, where she first encountered the Great Blue Whales, and wildlife with trash collecting maneuvers, maritime oil spill prevention, and remote island topography while navigating on patrol throughout the Chilean Antarctica waters on mission with scientists, the ‘Chilean Ambassador of the Antarctica Treaty’ and the Chilean Navy.


And trained as a sailplane pilot on military air force territory with long-haul passenger and cargo freight pilots, to being an accomplished endurance, cross-country and dressage Arabian Sharkia equestrian having ridden through the Occidental Erg of the Sahara. 


She has worked with the gaucho's of the Parke Nacional del Torres del Paine in Patagonia herding wild horses across the park, and has rescued trekkers caught in wildfires while dropping off base camp expedition gear across glaciers for high summit expedition climbers.


Since 1987, she has spent much time with local inhabitants, and Indigenous elders globally.


Member of the ‘International Academy of Colour Therapeutics’ with accreditations for her overall works by the ‘World Federation of Healing’ in 1999.


She has consulted for the State of Hawaii, and many organisations including ‘The Worldwide Indigenous Science Network’ WISN Hale Makua elders program in Lahaina Maui, Hawaii.


In 2013 Suave Foundation was founded out of necessity to promote ‘OceanLove Group’.


In 2014 OceanLove Bank was founded out of obligation as a sustainable financing means for ‘OceanLove Group’ and associates respective missions, and legacy.


2015 ‘OceanLove Group’ invites United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, ‘UN World Leaders’, the 'World Health Organization', ‘World Spiritual Authorities’ and Members of the European Parliament to endorse the UHC Reform for ‘Individual and Habitat Spiritual Clearing Health Coverage’ to ‘Restore Humanity’ and as a contribution towards ‘Restoring our Oceans’ and ‘The Cetacea Migration Pathways’.


2016 ‘OceanLove Group’ Invites United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, ‘UN World Leaders’, Members of the European Parliament and ‘World Water Distributors’ to upgrade ‘World Water Treatment Centers’ to provide ‘Clean Water’ for our ‘Oceans and Humanity’.


2017 'OceanLove Group' invites leaders of the UK, France, Germany and all other EU countries, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, 'UN World Leaders' and the World Health Organization to put an end to distressed habitats by making it mandatory for all property owners to provide authentic certification proving the property has undergone spiritual cleaning by WHO approved spirit mediums.


2017 'OceanLove Group' invites Président Emmanuel Macron, leaders of the UK, Germany and all EU coastal countries, European President Antonio Tajani, UN Secretary‐General Antonio Guterres and
UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves to put back our shorelines to their pristine state, and install marine corridors all along their shorelines as a place of refuge for native dolphins and migrating whales.

OceanLove Bank is dedicated to bringing the like minded community of individuals, partners and associates together to raise sustainable funding as founding shareholders.